Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pizza Dough Surprise

I finally went out and broke the bank.

After pondering about what it would be like to have a bread machine (for rising and baking bread in the oven turns out much like my microwave popcorn.) for several weeks and seeing the cost of bread recently i was delighted to receive one as a birthday present. well of course the first thing i did was stampede out to the store to buy a ready boxed mix at $1.86 to $2.09 per box. So now my bread was costing $2.41 with electricity for baking. WOW thats the cost of a "gourmet" loaf of bread, there had to be a better way.

A friend at a local pizza shop suggested that i take their old dough and freeze it (they throw it away by the tens of pounds at the end of the week). Basically free bread now only costing $.32 per loaf to bake it in the machine. I don't have to purchase the flour, mix it, knead it, i have to just slap the ball of thawed dough into the machine and off it churns away to make me fluffy fresh bread. Of course you don't have to make bread out of the dough, you could make a Stromboli, or even just plain pizza.

So in the end i learn about bread making in the modern age, the understanding of how it works today will help me retrofit the skill later.

Some from scratch bread machine recipes.
Better Homes and Gardens Bread Machine Recipes

Its always better to start these from scratch, the bread machine will do most all the work. The modern machines do require that you layer the ingredients in a certain order to make the best of your loaf.

Experimenting today, becomes experience tomorrow.

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